Practical travel and visa information

The following is practical advice regarding entry and visa to the USA. DRUID assumes no responsibility for the correctness or completeness of this information: The responsibility for researching all requirements for entry to the USA rests with each individual conference participant.


Generally, non-US citizens require visas to enter USA. For general information, visit the US State Department's page on visas.


Citizens from many countries can take advantage of the Visa Waiver Program.


From the same web site, you can also obtain answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as access the necessary forms.  


DRUID does not issue an invitation letter, but will provide confirmation of program appearance to authors of accepted papers or posters. After acceptance and registration to the conference, please contact to obtain this confirmation document.




Regarding the current travel situation

Updated February 1, 2017


Dear DRUIDs everywhere!


DRUID (Danish Research Unit on Industrial Dynamics) remains a global scholary community.


Since DRUID was founded in Copenhagen in 1996, our very purpose has been to facilitate free exchange of ideas and the mobility of researchers across disciplinary as well as geographical borders. After hosting global innovation and entrepreneurship scholars in Denmark for 20 years, DRUID has further increased its efforts, arranging events together with local partners across Europe and in Asia. 


It is ironic that DRUID’s first event in North America should coincide with the US Government decision to temporary restrict access to citizens of a wide range of countries. This limits our abilities to achieve our goal of promoting vigorous and free exchange of ideas based on mutual respect and tolerance. However, we remain committed to sustaining our values. It is through openness that can scientific progress can be made.  


Before the travel ban was announced, we planned a Special Topical Plenary during the conference on Deglobalization and Innovation. That plenary being more topical than ever, we hope that you will participate and share your view on how current policy trends, not just in the USA but globally, towards protectionism and localism may impact innovation, entrepreneurship and industrial dynamics – and where that leaves us as scholars.


Together with our local host, NYU Stern School of Business, we will do everything in our power to ensure that DRUID17 in New York becomes a typical DRUID-style open meeting of innovation and entrepreneurship scholars from all over the world. DRUID events are intimate and emphasize face-to-face exchanges and social interaction. Hence, we are not able to facilitate virtual presentations or other means of attending the conference from abroad.


The travel ban is currently challenged in the US courts and it is unclear whether it will stay in force. In case it does, we will endeavor to assist conference delegates regarding visa or other information when traveling to the USA.


If you register for DRUID17 and you are affected by the travel ban (you are a national of, or have been born in one of the countries included in the travel ban), please contact us at We will then contact you to clarify the procedures and make sure you have the information and advice you need.


We have changed the conditions for refund of registration fees for DRUID17 for those affected by the travel ban (nationals of, or having been born in one of the countries included in the travel ban). In case you are prevented from participating, you can get a full refund of the conference fee before June 1. (For other registrants, the usual conditions apply: please see the conference web site).


I hope to see you soon at DRUID. Our research, and building stronger ties between scholars around the globe, is more important than ever.


Kind regards

Mark Lorenzen, Director, DRUID

Copenhagen, February 1, 2017